The following are publications that are either authored by me, where I contributed to or which describe work I've performed. There are likely more, even references in books, if you find one, don't hesitate to forward the details.

Even as a non-mathematician, my Erdős number of 4 and a Dijkstra number of 4.

HatTitlePrimary AuthorsProjectVenueDateFormats
SixXSSunsetting SixXSJeroen Massar, Pim van PeltSixXSSixXS Sunset2017-06-06
IETFRFC 7526 - Deprecating the Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay RoutersO. Troan, B. CarpenterIPv6IETF2015-05-20
FarsightJumpBox -- A Seamless Browser Proxy for Tor Pluggable TransportsJeroen Massar, Ian Mason, Linda Briesemeister and Vinod YegneswaranDARPA SAFER DEFIANCESECURECOMM 20142014-09-24
IETFRFC 6555 - Happy Eyeballs: Success with Dual-Stack HostsD.Wing, A.YourtchenkoIPv6IETF2012-04-07
ISCBootstrapping Communications into an Anti-Censorship SystemPatrick Lincoln, Ian Mason, P.Porras, Vinod Yegneswaran, Zachary Weinberg, Jeroen Massar, William Allen Simpson, Paul Vixie, Dan BonehDARPA SAFER DEFIANCEUSENIX FOCI 20122012-08-06
SixXSSubnetze mit SixXSErnst Ahlers (ct' Heise)SixXSHeise Computer & Technik2012-04-07
SixXSTaschenrouter als IPv6-Verteiler - IPv6 per Sixxs-Tunnel im LAN anbietenErnst Ahlers (ct' Heise)SixXSHeise Computer & Technik2012-02-24
SixXSIPv6-Zugang fürs LAN nachrüsten - Zweit-Router bringt IPv6 ins eigene LANReiko Kaps (ct' Heise)SixXSHeise Computer & Technik2011-06-16
IETFIvip (Internet Vastly Improved Plumbing) ArchitectureR.WhittleIETFIETF2010-03-07
SixXSIPv6 mit festen Adressen: So nutzt man SixXS-TunnelChristoph H. Hochstätter (ZDNet)SixXSHeise Computer & Technik2009-11-06
IBMMining Semantic Relations using NetFlowAlexandryu Caracas, Andreas Kind, Dieter Gantenbein, Stefan Fussenegger, Dimitrious DechouniotisAURORAIEEE BDIM 20082008-04-07
SixXSIPv6-Internetzugang - Lokale Netze über IPv6 mit dem Internet verbindenReiko Kaps (ct' Heise)SixXSHeise Computer & Technik2008-07-08
IETFRFC 5095 - Deprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6Joe Abley, Pekka Savola, G.Neville-NeilIPv6IETF2007-12-12
IETFRFC 5572 - IPv6 Tunnel Broker with the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP)Marc Blanchet, Florent ParentIPv6IETF2007-05-10
IETFRFC 4864 - Local Network Protection for IPv6Gunter Van de Velde, Tony Hain, Ralph Droms, Brian Carpenter, Eric KleinIPv6IETF2007-05-18
IBMRelationship Discovery with NetFlow to Enable Business-Driven IT ManagementAndreas Kind, Dieter Gantenbein, Hiroaki EtohAURORAIEEE BDIM 20062006-04-07
IBMNetwork Anomaly Detection Based on Behavioral Traffic Pattern RecognitionAndreas Kind, Paul Hurley, Jeroen Massar, Xenofontas DimitropoulosAURORAIEEE BDIM 20062006-04-07
IBMSpecification for IPFIX Test Scenarios Carsten Schmoll, Lutz Mark, Antal Bulanza, Benoit Claise, Falko Dressler, Paul Aitken, Carsten Schmoll, Jeroen Massar, Thomas DietzAURORAIPFIX Interop2005-07-30
IBMAURORA - A Light-Weight and Scalable Network Profiling SystemAndreas Kind, Paul Hurley, Jeroen MassarAURORAERCIM News, No. 602005-01-14
IBMAURORA - Flow-Based Data Traffic AnalysisAndreas Kind, Paul Hurley, Jeroen MassarAURORAIBM Innovation Matters2005-01-14
IETFAnalysis of IPv6 Tunnel End-point Discovery MechanismsJordi Palet, M.Diaz, Pekka SavolaIPv6IETF2005-01-24
IETFThe _service domain and prefixJeroen MassarIPv6IETF2005-07-09
SixXSIPv6 Tunnel DiscoveryJeroen MassarIPv6IETF2005-07-11
SixXSSixXS Heartbeat ProtocolJeroen MassarSixXSIETF2005-06-01
IETFGoals for Registered Assisted TunnelingFlorent Parent, Alain Durand, A.BaudotIPv6IETF2004-10-01
SixXSAYIYA: Anything in AnythingJeroen MassarIPv6IETF2004-07-07
IETFSender Policy Framework (SPF) A Convention to Describe Hosts Authorized to Send SMTP TrafficMark Lentczner, Meng Weng WongIPv6IETF2004-05-17
IETFEvaluation of v6ops Tunneling Scenarios and MechanismsPekka SavolaIPv6IETF2004-04-30
IETFProcedures for Renumbering an IPv6 Network without a Flag DayFred BakerIPv6IETF2003-04-10
Erasmus MCDosimetría a pacientes sometidos a técnicas de braquiterapia intracoronariaC.Prieto, E.Vaño, J.M.Fernández, M.SabatéDosimetrie2000-04-01